In Africa, a majority of the wood taken from forests is transformed into charcoal briquette ,which is the most important source of household energy. From 1997 to 2000 in the city of Dares Salaam, people used as much as 471.000 ton of charcoal briquette per year and in Mozambique, the urban area Maputo uses about 130.000 ton of charcoal briquette per year, whereas between 200.000 and 230.000 ton have been reported for the town of Kampala, Uganda. It is estimated that about two million people are economically dependent on charcoal briquette production, transport and trade.

biomass briquettes in AfricaWhy the Charcoal Briquette Become Popular
1,it has double the energy content of fuelwood. The charcoal briquette will produce more energy because of its high density and calorific value.
2, it is of light weight and easy to transport. Charcoal briquette can be pressed in different shape with high hardness and light weight, which will be beneficial to transportation.
3, it produces less fumes and noxious compounds when burned. Less smoke is an important advantage compared with the fuelwood, which will not be harmful to people’s health and environment.
4, in most cities in Africa it is cheaper compared to other fuel.

Improvement of the Technology to Produce Charcoal Briquette
Human have produced and used charcoal as fuel for cooking and grilling for a long history. And during this process, the technology to produce it have achieved a great progress. The methods have experienced from the traditional charcoal briquette production, improved traditional methods to new high-yield, low-emission machines. And in modern society, the carbonization furnace is a widely used and accepted equipment to produce charcoal briquette .

Solutions for Sustainable Charcoal Briquette Production

charcoal briquette making processThe widely application and production of charcoal in Africa also caused problems. Study finds that smoke from wood fires used for cooking will cause an estimated 10 million premature deaths among women and children by 2030 in Africa and release about 7 billion tons of carbon in the form of greenhouse gases to the environment by 2050, about six percent of the total expected greenhouse gases from the continent.
1, utilize the high efficiency of carbonization furnace which will produce high quality of charcoal and less smoke in the process.
2, make the best use of wastes instead of cutting trees. There are many other materials can be used to produce charcoal in Africa such as the sugarcane bagasse. Protect the forests will contribute to reduce the carbon emission.

Carbonization Furnace From Azeus
Carbonization furnace plays an important role in the charcoal briquetting plant. Azeus can provide you with three types of carbonization furnaces:
1,self-ignition carbonization furnace,
2,airflow carbonization stove ,
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