Raw Materials of Charcoal Briquettes

charcoal briquttes materialChoosing good raw materials is the first step to make charcoal briquettes.The raw materials of charcoal briquettes are easy to get and are adequate. When collecting raw materials, various agro-forestry waste are available, such as burnt charcoal, rice husk, com cob, maise stalk, waste cartoon, wood pieces, empty fruit brunches, tree trimmings and so on.

Making Your Own Charcoal Briquettes
If you are interested in making your own wonderful charcoal briquettes, first of all, the most important thing is to choose a trustable charcoal briquette machine manufacturer with good quality machines and rich experience. Since the market is filled with various manufactures, you should have a thoughtful consideration of the comprehensive factors. Trustable manufacturer can provide you not only qualified machines, but also professional technical guidance and after-sales service to guarantee your smooth production.
In addition, to make charcoal briquettes, you also need have a better understanding of the machine’s working principle and are able to put into practice; meanwhile some auxiliary equipments are necessary to help finish the whole production of charcoal briquettes including crusher, dryer and carbonization furnace.
By the way, please carefully read the operation instructions before start production and turn to the professional technicians for help if you have problems during the manufacturing process of charcoal briquettes.

How to Start Your BBQ Cooking by Charcoal Briquettes

BBQLooking out of the window, seeing little patches of green grass is growing, which can only mean one thing that Spring is quickly approaching. Not only does it mean we will start to smell the fragrance from the flowers, but also the aromas from the BBQ food.
BBQ food is the favourite for most young people, because it is tasty and with lots of fun. Then do you know how to start making your own BBQ cooking? Well, first of all, the fuel is necessary, nowadays we recommend a new kind of clean and renewable fuel–charcoal briquettes.
Then after all the preparations ready, you can enjoy your barbecue journey by charcoal briquettes. Remember that always store your charcoal away from moisture and store in a dry place. Fire can’t survive without oxygen, so make sure the vents on your grill are open and you are in an open area. Take some newspaper and crumble it into a loose ball. Place it on the bottom grate of your grill. Make a small pyramid over the paper with the briquettes. Light the paper and let the briquettes burn for a while. When the flames start to die down, add more briquettes until you have enough for whatever you’re cooking.

If you are BBQ lovers and are looking forward to making your own delicious barbecue food, charcoal briquettes is a best choice. And as a reliable manufacturer of charcoal briquette machine, we are always by your side to support you.