Make Sugarcane Bagasse into Briquettes in India

sugarcane briquettesIndia, as we all know is the second biggest sugarcane growing country in the World, only behind Brazil. Every year, 4 million hectares had been planted with sugarcane. Sugar plant can process 40 million tons sugarcane every year. For each tonne of sugarcane crushed, about 300 kg of bagasse is retrieved. Previously bagasse is used as the fuel of sugar production. However only a third of bagasse are flamed, the remaining is discarded. That is to say, making bagasse into briquettes contains huge potential.
Bagasse Briquettes for Power Stations

bagasse briquettes applicationRecently power stations powered by briquettes made of sugarcane bagasse comes to be prosperous in India. Because of an unperfect central electric supply equipment, there is always a shortage of electricity in India. Using this type of fuel to supply power generation assembly can not only solve the power shortage, but also save money that residents spend on electricity.

The new type of power station purchase the remain sugarcane bagasse from the sugar mill plant and make it into biomass fuel briquettes to support the power station.The high quality fuel pellets processed by specific pellets manufacturing machine named wood pellet mill burn more efficiently because of its higher density and lower moisture content. There are also a series of machine to make sugarcane bagasse briquettes.

Otherwise Bagasse briquettes for traditional provides an alternative to using wood as fuel. Nowadays deforestation is increasing on a global scale, with the increasing risk of soil erosion. Using bagasse briquettes provide us with renewable resources to sustain ourselves without dependency upon unsustainable and damaging fossil fuels. Considering the global concern for environmental problems, bagasse fuel is an environmentally friendly choice for the India local industry.

Bagasse Fuel briquettes for home Cooking
Bagasse fuel can also be used in home cooking, due to the advantages of smokeless, is very popular with India of local residents.As well Charcoal made from bagasse,the fibrous remains of sugarcane production, has the potential to serve as an alternate cooking fuel in India, where the reliance on wood has led to severe deforestation.

bagasse briquettesThe advantages of making sugarcane bagasse into intensive briquettes
•Removing moisture from the material
•Improving bulk density
•Increasing the net calorific value per unit volume, subsequently reducing cost
•Cost reduction in transportation
•Cost-effective for user

Different type of Feedstock Briquetts Specifications

Feed- stock
Bulk density
Average moisture content
Density of briquettes
Bagasse powder
8.22(8.10 – 8.34)
Saw dust
Groundnut shell powder
Jatropha shell powder
Chopped rice straw
Saw dust and rice husk powder (50:50 ratio)