We all know that the briquetting machine are used to briquette the biomass materials into square,round,rod,cylindrical,oval type, bread type,etc without any binders by high temperature and high pressure. But, some important details which will have great influence to the quality of briquette may be neglected. Here I will briefly introduce about them and hope they are helpful to you.

Anti-rust Procedures
The working condition of the briquetting machine may be not very well. And the rain, snow and water may infiltrate into the machine and result damages. So the anti-rust procedures must be paid attention. You can take the following measures.
1, use the acid that can occur metal oxide chemical reaction with the rust. Thereby remove the corrosion products of the surface of the briquette machine. It is usually called pickling rust and alway operate in the workshop.
2, paint the anti oxidation material on the briquette machine surface such as mineral oil, paint, and enamel. These material will prevent the machine contact with the air and water therefore achieve the anti-rust.

Wearing Parts Maintenance according to Different Seasons

biomass briquettesThe maintenance emphasis is different according to the different seasons.
1, the spring and autumn belongs to a partial dry climate, so you should increase the lubrication time to avoid the propeller overheating. In addition, choose different lubricative oil to protect different spare parts.
2, for winter and summer, the winter has more snowy and summer has more rain. Relatively speaking, it should be more humid, so you should prepare to moisture proof work, reduce quick-wear part rust. In addition winter weather is cold, you should complete cold-proof and freeze-proofing work.

Criteria Shows the Machine meet the End-of -life
After the briquetting machine working for a long time, it may have different degrees of damages. And we should know the criteria that the machine is scrap and it’s time to update the device.
1, on the surface of the hollow shaft, there is groove and black spot or its inner circular surface wear, resulting the hollow shaft variant and flaw.
2, the gear edge distortion should not be greater than 7.5mm.
3, bearing wear is bigger than 1/3 of its thickness.
Some Misunderstandings

There are some misunderstandings you must know.
1, the more oil, the better. If there is too much oil, the engine crankshaft and railings will produce severe agitation during working, not only to increase the internal power loss but also cause slip of the pulley.
2, transmit moving belt as tight as possible. If the drive belt is adjusted too tight, it will easy to tensile deformation and the pulleys and bearings are likely to cause bending and damage.
Correctly operate the briquette machine and ensure the high efficiency need the worker do regular maintenance and sum up the experience constantly, which is not a simple work. You must have patience and willpower. Wish you success.