We all know the important position that the charcoal briquette machine occupies during the charcoal briquette making process. And if you expect your machine have a good performance, you have to pay more attention to the operation and maintenance of it. As the saying goes, detail decides success or failure. So, read this guidance carefully and remember it by heart.

Easy to install is a feature of Azeus’s charcoal briquetting machine. And Azeus will also provide you with effective troubleshooting. However, there also have some details you need to remember.
1, lay safe circuit and take lightening protection measurements. Before installation, you should lay the circuit according to the electrical specifications strictly. And in the open air environment, you should take measures for external lightening protection.
2, check the lubrication parts and the power and voltage. Lubrication is an important procedure to ensure the normal operation of the charcoal briquette machine. So you ensure that the spare parts that need to lubricate have been well lubricated. About the power and voltage, because low power supply will not enough to drive the machine working properly, which will cause repeatedly restart, you must ensure the power and voltage is normal.

The correct operation can ensure the charcoal briquette machine produce perfect briquettes.
1, idle for a while. No-load running for 2~3 minutes and if no blocking and anomalies, then you can feed material starting to normal production. If has any abnormal, you must stop the machine immediately, check and fix the problems.
2, pay attention to the feed inlet amount. You need to gradually increase the inlet amount until the briquette machine produce normal qualified products. When it can normally produce for 30 minutes, it means that the test run succeed.
3, before stopping, make sure no materials in hopper. Before stop after successive work, there should have no materials in the hopper. And this need the machine run for another 1 minute.

charcoal briquette machineMaintenance
Doing periodical maintenance of the charcoal briquette machine can not only extend the mechanical life but also is a way to reduce cost.
1, pay attention to the wear degree of the easy wear parts and replace it if necessary. The easy wear parts are the very important parts of the machine. The serious wear of them may cause the machine can not come out briquettes or the briquettes not molding. The propeller should be welded and grinded after using about five to seven days. And the shaping barrel may have to change about one to two years.
2, do good lubrication . The bearing bear the mostly load of the machine and it directly affects the operation rate of the charcoal briquetting machine. So good lubrication will be beneficial to the life of it. To ensure the good performance, all the lubrication parts should be plused lubricant every 2 months.
3, maintain and repair before the machine can not work. From a long-term interests, the maintenance and repair should be done before too late. Regardless of the different parts and different use environment, users must according to the unified regulations and do the targeted maintenance.

Apart from what I have mentioned above, there are also have many other matters the users should mention. It is a very wise behaviour to invest in making charcoal briquette. And learn to operate and maintain the charcoal briquetting machine carefully then I believe you will be successful.