Why Choose Charcoal Briquettes to Substitute Traditional Fuel?
Nowadays, with the rapid development of modern society, people begin to put forward the new demand for energy and fuel resources due to the serious energy crisis and pollution of environment. Thus as for fuels, people are seeking for a kind of clean and renewable source, and charcoal briquette with its remarkable advantages, is a wise choice to substitute traditional fuel. Here are the reasons why we choose charcoal briquettes as a alternative fuel.

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1. The Need for Environmental Protection
Facing with the gradually serious pollution of environment, people spare no efforts to find an alternative fuel to substitute traditional fuel. Charcoal briquettes, with high density which are compressed from biomass materials, produce less ash and dust while burning, also with less greenhouse gas emission, which is eco-friendly compared to traditional fuel. In addition, the leftovers after burning of charcoal briquettes can be used as fertilizer, and this can realize source recycling.
2. Increasing Price for Traditional Fuel
The cost of charcoal briquettes is affordable and predictable. It is more stable than the ever-increasing price of traditional fossil fuels. Meanwhile, the investment is also lower because the raw materials for making charcoal briquettes are mainly from agro-forestry waste which are easy to get.
3. Unique Advantages of Charcoal Briquettes
* Clean fuel, an environmentally- friendly alternative to ordinary charcoal with less emissions.
* Burn longer and provide more heat than regular charcoal thus with high thermal efficiency.
* Since charcoal briquette is all-natural, it produces less waste and the leftovers can even be used as fertilizer, which help realize waste recycling.
* Low cost and investment, easy to light.

Charcoal Briquettes Apply in Metallurgy Industry
For years, coal coke is used in the process for iron and steel-making in metallurgy industry, but today the situation on application of coal coke as fuel for metallurgy has cardinally changed. The reasons can be illustrated from two aspects. On one hand, the cost of coal coke is growing rapidly; on the other hand, the combustion of coke has brought environmental problems. So a new and clean fuel–charcoal briquette is playing a significant role in metallurgy industry and is becoming more and more popular.

On the purpose of protecting our environment and ecological balance, we recommend that you’d better select charcoal briquettes to fulfill your scale production for making iron and steel. As leading manufacturer of charcoal briquette machine, we are always glad to give you professional guide and capital proposals.