There are many ways you can choose to carbonize charcoal. To sum up, you have to choose one between the kiln and the furnace. But how to choose the reasonable and cost saving way is the key point. You have to consider your money, your factory site, the government policy and so on. So , the most important thing is to choose the suitable one for you.
Before you make decision, you have to clear about the advantages and disadvantages of the kiln and the furnace.


carbonization furnace1. The carbonization furnace.
The carbonization furnace makes use of the principle of destructive distillation and make the firewood stick in the furnace hypoxia thermal decomposition to generate combustible gas, tar and carbon. The first advantage is high output. It is because the furnace have big effective volume and used advanced carbonization technology. So the carbonization cycle is cut down. One furnace charcoal only need two days. The second advantage is environmental friendly. It is because the carbonization furnace have the device to collect and recycle the emission. The recovered gas can be burned like the liquefied gas and used for heating, cooking, and can also be used for drying machine. And it will save 70% energy consumption and will recycle 95% smoking.

carbonization kiln2. The carbon kiln.
Using carbon kiln is a traditional way to carbonize. They are generally established in the mountain depending on it. So the tightness can be very well. Then, because the charcoal have been carbonized for very long time, the quality of the products is very well. It have the features of metallic luster, high hardness and long burning time. Furthermore, the cost to make crypt is lower.

1. The carbonization furnace. Also because the carbonization time is short, the quality of charcoal produced by the furnace is not very well. They are low or medium carbon and the combustion features can not match with the high carbon. Besides, there may have danger when operate the furnace.

2. The carbonization kiln. Using it must cost very long time, which can be a week. So, it is not suitable for massive production. On the other hand, the crypt will produce more smoke in the air, which can be harmful to the environment. And it is prohibited by the government in some place.

After analyzing the advantages and the disadvantages of the two main ways, you must have your own idea. So you have to make decision based on your own condition, such as the site of the factory, your capital, your target market, your expectation of the investment and the policy.
For example, if your capital is not abundant, and the outside condition allow you to use the crypt, you can choose the crypt. And the products can be sold to high-end market. But you have to have distribution channel and method. On the other hand, if you capital is enough and you want to massive produce, the carbonization furnace is the best choice. Azeus can provide furnace which are easy installation and maintenance, low consumption and friendly environment. If you have requirements, please contact us.