Another important equipment in the process of make machine-made charcoal is charcoal powder briquette machine. It also called carbon powder briquette machine, carbon powder extruder. This machine can be used to make charcoal briquettes of oval, square and pillow shape with different molds from charcoal dust or charcoal powder. The products have the advantages of high density, high strength and high hardness, which makes the charcoal powder briquette machine widely used in many field.

Important Features
An important feature of the charcoal powder briquette machine is that its material have been carbonized firstly. The biomass materials are firstly processed in the carbonization furnace for 8-12 hours. And after they are fully carbonized, the powder will be sent into the briquette machine as the raw material. On the other hand, the materials can be the leftover of the charcoal making line or the small size waste charcoal which broken in storage or while transportation. So, the materials of charcoal powder briquette machine are carbonized firstly or are the charcoal fines.

charcoal briquettes made by charcoal briquette machine

ball shape charcoal briquette

shisha charcoal

Difference between charcoal briquette machine
There are small differences between carbon powder extruder and the charcoal briquette machine, another important equipment for making charcoal.
● Material crushing(wood crusher/wood hammer mill)——sawdust drying(Pipe dryer /rotary drum dryer)—–briquetting(charcoal briquette machine)—–carbonizing(carbonization furnace)
● Material carbonizing(carbonization furnace) ——charcoal crusher——briquetting(charcoal powder briquetting machine)
We provide 3 types of charcoal powder briquetting machines which can make cylinder charcoal briquettes, ball shape charcoal briquettes and shisha charcoal.Using the charcoal powder briquette machine can not only extend the service life of the machine’s spare parts from 40 hours~4000hours, but also will save the electricity consumption by 60%.

The other benefits are as follows:
1,the charcoal powder cannot be burned directly in an ordinary way and also are unsaleable. However, if they are briquetted to different shapes, they will have high density and easy to transport.
2, it also will reduce dust and recycle materials. It can press any powder into briquette shape.
3, the materials are carbonized first them made into charcoal briquettes which makes the flowchart more simple.

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