The investment of charcoal factory is little cost and high return because of it’s economic benefits and social benefits. So, you may are planning to have your own charcoal factory recently. But, I have to tell you that the investment can not be successful with your impulsion. You must investigate overall and have full preparation.

Here have some introduction about the preparation for establishing  charcoal production plant.
First step: Choose the Site of the Charcoal Briquetting Factory. You should select the size of the site according to the fund you prepare to invest. The briquette machine and carbonization furnace need 25~30 square meters and the storehouse need 30~40 square meters. There may have 1 or 2 offices too. Other factors you need to consider are as follows.

wood logs for charcoal briquetting1, The site should far away from the residential area. That is because that there may produce massive smoke during the operation process. And the power needed is 380v.
2, The site had better have plenty of water to use in case that the factory may catch fire when the machine is working.
3, The site should be close to the place you get your raw material. This can reduce the cost that paid to transport the material. And the place had better have plenty of material so you will not interrupt your production because of lack of material.

Second step: Select your equipment. The charcoal production line include four main equipment: crusher, dryer, briquette making machine and carbonization furnace. And it is the most important step to select them. The equipment should have the features of high efficiency, energy saving, low noise, low consumption, easy installation, easy operation and easy maintenance. And at least two worker to operate them. Amisy is a professional supplier of biomass briquetting machines and carbonization furnace, and our machine are high quality and competitive. Please feel free to contact us.

Third step: Train Your Workers Many.  people may neglect this factors. However, this step is very important. There may have little difference between different manufacturer, but how you operate them and whether maintain them may cause difference of the products. As briquetting plant manufacturer, we should take responsibility for providing free training class for our customers. With proper operating method, the charcoal briquette machine will have a much better performance, accordingly reduce biomass briquetting plant cost and machine maintenance cost.