Shisha charcoal comes in accordance with the use of hookah which originates from India. During the years, it has been popular in Indonesia, what’s more, in recent years, it has stepped into the market of United States, European Union, Middle East and other countries and regions. Here we would give you a brief introduction of the shisha charcoal in Indonesia.

Raw Material–Coconut Shell
In Indonesia, the coconut is very common there. It is a kind of drink full of nutritions. While the coconut shell can also be made into charcoal.
Coconut shell charcoal or say shisha charcoal is a kind of compact massive carbon products. Compared with the common charcoal products, it has the higher burning calories. In addition, the coconut shell charcoal is featured by low ash, smokeless, no smell as well as burning for long time!

Coconut Charcoal Processing Crafts
Coconut is the most popular material for making shisha charcoal in Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia. For making high grade shisha charcoal, the manufacturing will use 100% natural coconuts charcoal, while for some small factory they will add about 20% wood charcoal to mix with coconut charcoal together. After fully blended, they are processed by the shisha charcoal machine. The shisha charcoal can be processed into Three shapes: round or square shape with combustion inside which can be kindled by the general lighters. The burning time is about 20 minutes; finger shape, the charcoal is of long strips which needs the professional ignition lighter. And the burning time is around 50 minutes.

quick light shisha charcoal

hookah charcoal

Burn the charcoal for about 1 minutes until it becomes ignited. When there is no smoke, put it on the tinfoil to avoid the taste of charcoal. In addition, it’s better to divide the charcoal into small pieces and put them on the edge of bowl. So the tobacco would be heated evenly.

The products have been popular during the early period, so it has a good market condition in Indonesia. While things have been different in recent years, the coconut shell charcoal or say the shisha charcoal has been popular around the world. So there exists great export quantity in Indonesia and a lot of exporters of great strength.