The wood chips dryers are always used to dry the biomass materials to the suitable moisture of about 15% to make wood pellets. The workers must know the operation regulations of the dryers otherwise you may not achieve the desired outcome because of some minor details.
1, After the installation is complete, open the fan and check the rotation direction is normal or not. Check the connective place of the cylinder leak air or not.
2, Worker should check carefully materials to prevent the metal,stone and other hard objects enter into the drying chamber to cause the machine damage and other accidents. And this is beneficial to improve the drying speed. Then turn on the power switch, let the cylinder idle for a period
3, Add fuel such as the waste wood and ignite in the stove and let the hot air into the cylinder or pipeline. When the temperature of the wind outlet up to 150 centigrade, you can start to feed material.
4, According to the material moisture requirements, select the most appropriate hot air temperature and air volume of fan and by doing this you can reduces heat loss and improve the drying efficiency.

wood sawdust dryer machine5, Choose the high dryer thermal efficiency for drying the wet material thoroughly, and thus will not affect the materials luster. At the same time, the material can be dried per time and avoid the increase of the cost.
6, Strengthen the dryer patrol during the drying to avoid the leakage. The leakage during the process may cause the outside air drawn into the cylinder or the hot air carry the material escape the cylinder.
7, For further reduce the exhaust gas dust content, a bag filter or wet dust collector should be installed.
8, The preheat needs a process and the hot blast stove should have a preheating process,too. It is prohibited to suddenly ignite fierce fire, which will cause local overheating and cause damage because the uneven heat expansion.
9, Meet the sudden power failure, you should immediately shut down the furnace to stop the feeding . Then every 15minutes let the cylinder turn a half circle until the cylinder cooling. You shall have the specialist be responsible for this operating procedures otherwise violate the rules will result in cylinder bending which will make the dryer not able to normal use.
10, When dryer start to work, you should let the cylinder move first and then start the fire. But you when you stop the dryer, you should stop the stove first and then stop the cylinder.
In a word, there are so many issues you have to mention to operate the dryer. So it is better for you to have a professional technician to help you. Further more , it will make your operation more easy if you have customized you own sawdust dryer from a normal manufacturer. And Azeus exactly the one. If you have interest, please contact us.