charcoal burningWe all know that the charcoal briquette is biofuel and have the advantage of smokeless, high calorific value, easy to transport and store. Another important advantage is that it will last longer than the common coal when burning. But, because the raw material s of charcoal briquette are complex, the burning time of the charcoal is different. For example, the charcoal which is produced by straw will burn shorter time than which produced by saw dust. However, there also have some measures we can take to prolong the burning time of charcoal.

long burning charcoal briquettesThere mainly have two methods to prolong the burning time. First one, enhance the compressive stress during the briquetting process. Making briquette is a process that biomass is compressed under high pressure and high temperature. After this process, the products will have high density. The high density is a very important feature of charcoal briquette and this feature is the reason of other advantages of charcoal. So we can prolong the working time of charcoal by enhance the density further.
Second one, you can do some thing with the carbonization furnace. We must improve the final temperature of carbonization and slower the speed of heating-up and cool down. Carbonization is the central part of making charcoal. This process makes the wood briquette into charcoal briquette which is popular among BBQ lovers. During the carbonization process, keeping the temperature at a constant degree is not correct. Because that the wood briquette need different temperature in the carbonization furnace. In the drying stage, the temperature is 160℃ and then in the initial phase the temperature up to 160℃~280℃ and last in the carbonization stage the temperature up to 300℃~600℃. So , we must notice that not up or low the temperature too fast because that will make the charcoal not stable and easy to crack or break. On the contrary, the charcoal will have high density and hardness.

Apart form the two main methods, you can also prolong the burning time by choosing the saw dust as the raw material or reduce the contact area with air by cutting the briquette in small size.