coconut shell charcoal carbonizationcharcoal materialSince time immemorial, natural wood and coconut shell charcoal has been the major fuel energy used for char grill and any type of cooking in the Philippines primarily because of the price is economically reasonable and always available in the local market. Nonetheless, using such charcoal has consequences on human’s health and the environment as a whole since cutting of trees are required for wood charcoal production that causes forest depletion. Shifting of traditional way of charcoal making into a modern technology of briquettes production are highly recommended because it will not just experience its beneficial effect but rather preserve the natural beauty of nature for the next generation.

charcoal briquettes

Biomass, as we can see, is abundantly available everywhere- both in the urban/rural regions. The only things we should do to make it useful are to utilize it properly through conversion into briquettes, mainly for cooking purposes. Thus, the modern equipment in the new millennium that can solve problems on the traditional wood charcoal production known as Charcoal Briquetting Technology was highly recommended in order to enhance the knowledge of urban/rural communities regarding the modern way of charcoal making while protecting natural forests. Thus, the modern equipment of charcoal briquetting technology that can solve problems on traditional wood charcoal production was recommended. This enhances the knowledge of urban/rural communities regarding the modern way of charcoal making while preserving and protecting natural forest. We can supply different kinds of charcoal briquette machines with different capacities and final product shape. Welcome your inquiry about charcoal briquette machines exclusively designed for Philippine briquetting market.