Shisha/Hookah Origin
Shisha is also known as sheesha, hookah, hubbly-bubbly, etc. Shisha smoking or to say hookah smoking originated centuries ago and the exact origin of shisha is unclear, though many people believe the origin is India. Today shisha charcoal is popular in the Middle East, Turkey and parts of Asia and Africa.

Shisha Charcoal Classification

A. Natural shisha charcoal
B. Quick-light shisha charcoal
There are two main categories of shisha charcoal: natural and quick-light ones. The main difference of them are raw materials. For the quick light ones, they contain to much chemical products and may do much damage to human health. Well, as they contain various binders, so they are easy to light, besides, quick light ones are cheap than natural shisha charcoal, so they are popular with beginning smokers.

Shisha charcoal Shape & Main Material

shisha charcoal origin, material and shape

☆ Shape
Tablet shisha charcoal: burning time is 90-130 minutes
Cube shisha charcoal: burning time is 120minutes
Finger shisha charcoal: burning time is 185minutes.
Silver shisha charcoal: burning time is 120minutes, originated and exclusively manufactured in Japan. The reason why it is called silver shisha charcoal is that it is coated with sliver in the surface.

☆ Material
Coconut shell
Fruit tree: olive wood, citrus (lemon/orange) wood

Bamboo shisha charcoal making process
1. Choosing the 3 years Mao Bamboo as raw material
2. Being carbonized fewer than 880 centigrade in the Furnace
3. Picking up the best bamboo charcoal
4. Milling the charcoal to be powder of 200 mesh
5. Adding the food grade Biological Adhesives
6. Extruding the semi-finished products from the shisha charcoal machine
7. Drying the charcoal under the constant temperature for 24 hours
8. Packed into the carton

Where do the Smokers Enjoy Shisha

shisha barShisha or hookah is often smoked in a social setting like lounges and bars. In the places, you can order any flavor shisha including mint flavor, strawberry flavor, peanut butter flavor, chocolate flavor ,etc. Then the server will add a hookah pipe and you can enjoy the fairyland time. Usually the hookah secession can last 30-90 minutes.

Shisha Popular Countries
▶Middle East, India and parts of Africa
It is estimated that shisha smoking has been prevalent in the Middle East, India and parts of
Africa for at least five hundred years. Although it is a tradition of many years standing, in
the past it was confined mainly to older men rather than the use emerging now among very
much younger men and women.
▶ Pakistan
A study of Parisian school children found that more than half of 16 year olds had tried shisha once and 25% reported smoking it occasionally.
▶ America
Prevalence can reach 5-17% among American adolescents and 10-20% among American university students.
▶ UK
Licensed shisha cafés are also becoming more common. There are dozens of shisha cafes while for 6 years ago, there was only one in this city.