The serious pollution of the air during the harvesttime let people realize the importance of rational utilization of straw. The straw crusher can crush the corn stalk, peanut shells and bean stalk etc, which are agricultural waste. By doing this can avoid the waste of the crop straw but also protect the environment and effectively develop the renewable energy.
1. The Working Principle of straw crusher and the application
The straw crusher is made of of cutting device, grinding device and blowing fan, etc. It adopts the integrated function of knife cutting and high speed air current shocking as well as hitting grinding. Meanwhile, it can do the screening process of fine material. In the process of knife cutting, rotor can have high speed air current and moving along with the knife cutting, the material will be double grinded in the hitting, so it can promote the grinding efficiency of material. The machine is widely used to grind various stalk straw into powder products and then processed into biomass briquettes by biomass briquetting machine. The straw powder also be further processed into biomass energy pellets for home and industrial heating, paper-making and animal bedding.

2. The Market Prospect of the Straw Crusher

straw bales

This straw stalk crushing machine have been widely used in recent years because of the economic benefit and social benefit.
Firstly, the chopped straw can fully replenish the soil nutrient, increase soil organic matter and improve the soil structure. Straw is a kind of biological resources and it contains nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, protein and other mineral nutrients and organic matter. If you return the chopped straw directly to the land, it will fully replenish the soil nutrient, increase soil organic matter, improve the soil structure, raise the level of soil fertility and crop production.
Secondly,Further processed product is ideal for livestock and animal bedding. As mentioned above, the straw dust processed by Azeus straw crusher can be used for making biomass pellets, straw briquettes and charcoal briquettes(after carbonization) which are ideal products for livestock and animal bedding. They can fully absorb animals urine and provide a dry living environment. What’s more, the solid pellets and briquettes are easy to clean. The breeders can replace bedding pellets about every 7days.
Thirdly, Substitute of traditional fuel, relieving the strain on energy. Burning of straw caused the waste of resources, damage the land and pollute the environment even cause a fire. The development and utilization of straw can bring sustainable development to the rural economic. According to the estimation, the period of using the earth’s oil can extent to one hundred years. While for China, the relatively meagre oil resources, stable oil supply can’t more than 20 years. So, using the straw to make biomass energy can relieve the strain on energy.

straw briquettes

Lastly, the strong support from the government policy. On February 28,2005, the 10th National People’s Congress have passed the “Renewable Energy Law”. It has formally be carried out on January 1, 2006 and the corresponding supporting measures has developed later. This suggest that the government has clear about the status of biomass energy and gave huge discount on policy support. As a result, the investment prospects are very broad.
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