Wood Crusher Introduction
This kind of wood grinding machine adopts blade cutting principle and high-speed airflow impact to cut biomass materials with diameter of 5cm-20cm into biomass powder products. Wood chipper consists of cutting device, grinding device and air blower, with the feature of high output and flexibility, this wood grinding equipment is widely used in wood pellet plant and biomass briquetting plant.

Wood Shredding Machine Working Principle
This series of wood crusher integrates the function of chipping and grinding, adopting blade cutting and high-speed airflow impacting, it can simultaneously complete micro material sorting process. During the blade working process, rotor produces high speed airflow, the material are accelerated in the airflow and impacted, thus completing the grinding process.

wood crusher machineWood Crusher/Chipper Advantages
1. Reasonable design, compact structure, safe and durable.
2. Only one motor drive, low noise, easy operation.
3. Compact layout, stable work, convenient to move.
4. Low energy consumption, high production efficiency, reasonable price.
5. Good quality wood products, low processing cost.

Wood Chipper Grinder Application
This wood crusher integrates the function of cutting and grinding, it can cut branch and logs in the diameter of 1-20cm, also suitable for grinding bamboo, thatch, cornstalk, sorghum stalk and other fiber stalk materials.

Maintenance of Wood Grinding Machine
1. The bearings should be added lubricative oil regularly. Usually after 3-4 hours, you should check whether it needs to add oil.
2. After working for a period of time, the machine triangular belt should be adjusted a little more tight , usually 6-10mm is appropriate.
3. Every day after work, the wood grinding machine should be cleaned up, check whether there are cracks in the machine.Timely maintenance is necessary.

Wood Crusher Technical Parameters

Driving type  Electric  Electric  Electric  Electric  Electric  Diesel  Diesel
Blade diameter  600mm  600mm  1000mm  600mm  1000mm  600mm  600mm
Power  11kw  15kw  30kw 15kw 18kw  15HP  18PH
Output(kg/h)  400-500  500-600  800-1000  400-500  800-1000  400-500  500-600
Material moisture content  30%-70%  30%-70%  30%-70%  30%-70%  30%-70%  30%-70%  30%-70%
Material diameter  Φ50-200mm  Φ50-200mm  Φ50-350mm  Φ50-200mm  Φ50-350mm  Φ50-200mm  Φ50-200mm
Packaging size  1.23*0.81*
GW/NW  375/325kg  400/325kg  1200/1100kg  760/725kg  1550/1450kg  420/370kg  450/400kg