Wood Hammer Mill Introduction
Wood hammer mill is a kind of multifunctional wood crushing machine, it can be used for grinding small diameter material such as corn straw, branch, herbal and so on whose diameter is less than 50mm , after grinding, the material fineness can reach to 3-5mm. Advanced technology, high quality and reasonable price makes it popular in wood pellet plant and biomass briquettes production line.

Wood Hammer Mill Highlights
1. The hammer blade is made of high quality carbon alloy steel, which is durable and wear-resistant.
2. Equipped with air blower, the crushed material can be directly collected and transported to next machine for further processing.
3. You can change screening sieve according to different material grinding requirements. We can customize the following sieve with screening hole diameter of 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm.
4. Low energy consumption, high efficiency.
5. Low noise, convenient to maintain.

Wood Hammer Grinder Structure and Working Principle
1. Main structure: wood hammer mill is composed of feeding plate, crushing chamber, and delivery device. The rotor in the crushing room consists of disc and mobile hammer.
2. Working principle: material is put from the feeding plate and then they drop into crushing room, rubbed and impacted repeatedly on the gear board by the high speed hammer, the material is ground into the particle size as the customers’ requirements. The processed material is transported to collector by fan and conveying pipe and they will be separated again in the collector. At last, the wood powder are discharged from the bottom of the collector and air is released from the top..

How to Choose the Wood Hammer Mill?
☆ First of all, you should adjustable the hammer blade liner speed according to the required product fineness. If you want to get fine powder or grind hard material , you should improve the linear speed. On the contrary, a little lower speed is necessary. For grinding fiber products, the hammer blade linear speed is about 100-110m/s.
☆ Choose suitable wood hammer grinder according to your required capacity. The size of the grinder type determines the amounts of the production, according to the configuration of the grinding process, the choice of grinding machine production should be greater than 10% of theoretical efficiency.
☆ We have several kinds of wood crusher and wood hammer mill to meet clients’ different requirements.

Pay Attention to Wood Hammer Mill Operation
1. Grinding size is determined by the size of sieve hole, the wood hammer grinder is matched with several different sizes of screens, can be selected according to requirements
2. Before dropping the material into the grinding chamber, the operator should remove the impurity such as metal, stone and some other hard objects.
3. If the raw material diameter is more than 50mm, they should be processed by wood chipper first.

Wood Hammer Mill Technical Data

Model Power Output Machine Packing Size GW/NW Material Moisture Materials Diameter
AUS360-1 5.5kw  150-200kg/h  1.35*0.8*1.2m  120/110kg  10%-25%  Φ≤50mm
AUS360-2 7.5kw 150-250kg/h  1.35*0.8*1.2m  140/130kg  10%-25%  Φ≤50mm
AUS400-1 5.5kw  200-300kg/h  1.4*0.8*1.3m  150/140kg  10%-25%  Φ≤50mm
AUS400-2 7.5kw  200-350kg/h  1.4*0.8*1.3m  170/160kg  10%-25%  Φ≤50mm
AUS420 7.5kw  200-350kg/h  1.5*0.8*1.4m  200/190kg  10%-25%  Φ≤50mm
AUSL-1 18.5kw  600-700kg/h  1.66*1.2*1.77m  560/490kg  10%-25%  Φ≤50mm
AUSL-2 22kw  800/1000kg/h  1.66*1.2*1.77m  620/560kg  10%-25%  Φ≤50mm