Continuous Carbonization Furnace Introduction
Continuous carbonization furnace is new generation of efficient and environmental friendly continuous carbonizing machine. It is used for carbonizing the particle materials through dry distillation and oxygen-free carbonization. The combustible gas (carbon monoxide, methane and oxygen) generated from carbonizing process are recycled, purified and burned cyclically. Compared with the traditional carbonization furnace, it can not only prevent the environment pollution caused by smoke, but supply the heat energy that the equipment needs.

Continuous carbonizing furnaceFeatures and Advantages of Continuous Carbonization Furnace
* Automatic production, large volume and high efficiency.
* Internal parts are made of special heavy metal steel, sturdy and durable, strong resistance to high temperature and oxidation.
* Controllable and adjustable carbonation temperature, flexible and convenient to start, easy to operate.
* Low power consumption, small floor area, high qualified rate of final products.
* Combustible gas produced during the carbonization process is returned to the furnace for combustion, smoke-free, tasteless, pollution-free, environmental and energy-saving.

Continuous Carbonization Furnace Application
The continuous carbonization furnace is widely used for carbonizing the wood chips, sawdust, rice hull, plant straw, coconut shell, palm shell, bamboo shavings, etc.

Wood Coconut Shell Palm Shell
Wood Coconut Shell Palm Shell
Sewage Sludge Sawdust Rice Husk
Sewage Sludge Sawdust Rice Husk

Working Principle of Continuous Carbonization Furnace
1. Adopt gasifier device. Ignite dry raw materials through gasification, thus producing combustible gas.
2. Burn the combustible gas, heat up the carbonization tank to carbonize the biomass materials.
3. The combustible gas generated from both carbonizing process and gasifier device are purified, decomposed and recycled. Wood tar and wood vinegar are recycled.
4. Pull out and cool the sealed tank after carbonization. Then push the sealed tank with biomass briquettes into the carbonization furnace and closed. Take full advantage of the furnace body temperature, thus saving the energy and reducing the heating time.

Main Structure of Continuous Carbonization Furnace
1.Gasification system: gasifier, spray tower, dust removing device.
2.Purification system: spray tower, oil-water separator, filter
3.Carbonization system: main engine, screw conveyor, discharging device, cooling bin.
4.Control system: control cabinet.