Hoisting Carbonization Furnace Introduction
Azeus Hoisting Carbonization Furnace is a new-type air-flow carbonizing machine. It can carbonize raw materials like biomass briquettes, wood, coconut shell, etc. continuously and so save carbonization time; the hoisting system saves labor; and the whole carbonizing process is smoke-free. This type carbonization furnace is the best seller and exported to many countries for charcoal briquettes plant.

Structure of Hoisting Carbonization Furnace
It includes hoisting system, main furnace body, smoke recycling system and three inner tanks.
♦ Hoisting System
Hoisting system can lift the filled inner tank into the chamber of furnace and lift it out when carbonization is finished. Just one people can operate it, which saves the labor cost.
♦ Main Furnace Body
The main furnace body consists of outer stove and three inner tanks.
● The outer stove is consisted of refractory bricks, and covered with steel plate.
● These three inner tanks are movable and the size of inner tank is Dia.1.5*1.6m. When the carbonization is finished, you can use hoisting system to lift the first inner tank up and put it aside for cooling and then put the second inner tank with raw material into the outer stove, and so on.



♦ Smoke Recycling System
Smoke recycling system can make the smoke produced during the carbonizing process circulate in the furnace. The recycled hot smoke can supply heat for the carbonization, so it saves the fuel cost; and protects the environment as well.

Advantages of Azeus Hoisting Carbonization Furnace
1. Three inner tanks can be used in turn to carbonize, so save the total carbonization tine and the total charcoal cooling time.
2. The hoisting systems can save labor and reduce labor intensity.
3. Smoke recycling system makes the whole carbonization process is smoke-free; the recycled hot smoke can be used for carbonizing, so it saves energy.
4. Three inner tanks can be stacked up together, so it is easy to transport and saving transport cost.
5. It is user-friendly and easy installation.

Applications of Hoisting Carbonization Furnace
Hoisting carbonization furnace is widely used to carbonize sawdust briquettes and other biomass briquettes, wood, bamboo, coconut shell, oil palm shell, olive seed shell,etc. The end product can be used directly for roasting and BBQ.

How to Carbonize Sawdust Briquettes?
Sawdust briquettes are put into steel baskets, and then baskets are put into the inner tanks.



Technical Data (Sawdust briquettes carbonization)

Carbonizing time
Cooling time
Capacity of  tank
Charcoal capacity
Conversion ratio
About 38%